Juicers, the best ally to ward off colds

Juicers, the best ally to ward off colds

The low temperatures of winter come very cold, but also with diseases. Colds, constipations, flu, pharyngitis … are some of the most common ailments during these cold months and affect, especially, the elderly and children of the house.

In addition to the cold, there are also other factors that cause the appearance of these respiratory diseases in winter. The lack of ventilation is one of them, since, due to the cold, we keep doors and windows closed, which facilitates the spread of viruses and bacteria. In addition, the change in temperature when we go outside is abrupt, since there may be a difference of 20 degrees, for which we have to be prepared.

In addition to warm clothing, food also helps us to prevent colds and unwanted colds. The vitamin C of citrus fruits is the perfect complement to spend a winter without frights.

With an automatic juicer, we can make various fruit juices and include them in our usual diet. In fact, eating fruits and vegetables is one of the recommendations of doctors to keep us away from the consultation.

Therefore, during this winter, always have a juicer on hand to extract all the juice from the fruits and start the day with a natural remedy.

Automatic or manual juicer?

If you are going to buy a juicer for this winter, the first question you should ask yourself is: automatic or manual? Manual juicers are the cheapest, since we have to do most of the work ourselves. On a pointed base, we place the fruit and turn pressing down until all the juice comes out.

The manual orange juicer is the oldest and most traditional.

The first advantage of the manual juicer is that it is used to make small amounts of juice for one or two people. It is ideal for preparing just a glass of juice before leaving home quickly and conveniently.

However, if you want to make a lot of gallons of juice, the juicer can make your arms tired. Another advantage of the manual juicer is that since it is small, you don’t have to worry about where to store it.

Due to its compact size, cleaning is also easy. See the table of advantages and disadvantages of a manual juicer:


  1. Produces juice quickly
  2. Very cheap
  3. No need electricity


  1. Physical strength is needed
  2. Produces a small amount of juice.

With an automatic juicer, this job is made easier. By placing the fruit on the pointed base and pressing down, the motor kicks in, starts to spin and squeezes the juice in less time.

Juicers, the best ally to ward off colds

Electric orange juicers are faster and produce more juice

The simplest electric models automatically turn the extractor when you touch the orange on the part. But there are also juicers where you have to press the on / off switch for the juicer to start the process.

Because it is automatic, this is a recommended model for making more juice, ideal for larger families.

Remember that for the automatic model you must reserve more space to store the device when you are not using it.

But if you plan to use your juicer more often, you’ll want to leave it on your kitchen counter. Also in this case, the smaller the model, the better.

Also, the electric juicer is more expensive than the manual juicer and cleaning takes a little longer due to its size. See the main advantages and disadvantages of an electric orange juicer:


  1. Greater production capacity.
  2. Automatic, does not require physical effort
  3. Make quick juices


  1. More expensive
  2. The machine is a bit large and requires storage space.
  3. Cleaning takes longer

However, it is not uncommon for you to decide to have a model of each in your kitchen. Since each has a function, many people prefer to have a manual juicer and an electric juicer.

So you are prepared for any situation, whether it is to make a glass of juice only or a 1-liter jar for more people.

Where to buy?

The orange juicer is for sale in practically all department stores, specialized home and kitchen stores and hypermarkets. But if you want to guarantee a wider range of models and prices, you should buy from online stores such as juicing.com.au. That way you save time and choose the best orange juicer from the comfort of your home.

What fruits can I use to make juices?

If we think of a food with vitamin C, we immediately think of the orange. Perhaps because it is the most common fruit, but there are others that contain more vitamin C.  Kiwi, for example, is one of them. For every one hundred grams it provides 90 mg of vitamin C; followed by strawberry (60 mg) and orange (50 mg).

But there are still more fruits and vegetables, which have even more vitamin C, such as currant or guava.

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