5 good reasons to cold-press juicing

5 good reasons to cold-press juicing

Why we like cold-press juices

There is no better elixir for your health than the concentrated vitality of some good fresh vegetables. We tell you all the tricks to get the most out of your juices and five good reasons to go cold-press.

What a joy to go through life, to feel like having a refreshing juice and being able to find it in more and more places. The truth is that the virtues of these simple preparations are taking hold and the demand does not stop growing. Today we can find very creative juices: the mythical orange already has other companions!

But also, and above all, we can prepare them ourselves. Drinking fresh juices is an excellent option to ingest in liquid form the nutrients of fruits, vegetables, seeds, roots … It is also ideal to take and take wherever you want.


The most common when making juices at home is to use a juicer, a juice extractor or a blender.

If you only have a juicer, it will be useful, but you have to bear in mind that with the juicer, whether manual or electric, we can only extract the juice from citrus fruits, such as orange, lemon or grapefruit. Also, if we want, the one with the grenades.

An alternative to have more options is to use a centrifugal extractor. With this type of machine, you can easily make juice of other fruits. They break them quickly and separate the pulp from the juice using filters.

Centrifugal extractors are quite inexpensive and there are many types. However, they have drawbacks. Being very fast, they provide air to the juice, which oxidizes earlier, and generates heat, which affects its nutrients.

If you don’t have a juicer and you want to make apple juice, for example, the alternative is to crush them with a glass or hand mixer and then pass it through a cotton or nylon cloth bag using it as a filter. The juice will remain on one side and the pulp in the bag. This technique is similar to that of making vegetable milks. You can try grapes and you will get a very healthy must.

We recommend using an extractor juice cold-press. There are manual and electric, vertical or horizontal.

5 good reasons to cold-press juicing


Cold-press juice extractors have spiral or screw-shaped blades that first crush and break the vegetables slowly and then press them through a filter that separates the fiber or pulp from the juice. This has several advantages that make them a great option to take advantage of your vegetable juices:

  1. These juicers are much slower than centrifuges, which conserves nutrients better
  2. For the same reason, both the flavors and colors are better preserved and the juice tastes delicious.
  3. Lacking fiber, juices are well digested and nutrients are easily absorbed by the digestive system.
  4. The filter is so fine that you can get the juice from green leaves or sprouts, and even make nut milks or creams.
  5. By separating the pulp on one side and the juice on the other, you can take advantage of the pulp in other recipes.


Fresh juices, by not being subjected to high temperatures, retain their enzymes, color and energy. In addition, juices are filling, so they are a good way to satisfy the moment of hunger. They are used for fasting, they help you lose weight and also detoxify.

When preparing them, it is important to keep these tips in mind:

  1. Choose mainly foods from the season, if possible from organic farming.
  2. At first you can do it with a single ingredient, and then go researching combinations with two, three or more. You can put the fruits or vegetables peeled or unpeeled.
  3. If you are using the pulp, peel the pulp so it is uniform in color and texture.
  4. When it comes to drinking the juice, remember that digestion begins in the mouth, so to improve its assimilation, we recommend you salute the juices by “chewing” them. Keep in mind that you are eating 3-4 pieces of fruit at the same time!


One of the questions that we are asked the most is what can be done with the pulp that is left over in the cold-press extractor after preparing the juices, since it is usually thrown away and there is that feeling of wasting food. Well, that of some ingredients is more easily used than that of others.

  1. Pulp of green leaves: being very fibrous, we prefer to take it to compost, although with creativity we will surely be able to give it some use.
  2. Fruit pulp or other vegetables: there are a thousand possibilities, but you can make, for example, hamburgers, croquettes or dehydrated cookies, or use them in pates or desserts.

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