Juice or smoothie, what way of consuming fruit is the best

Juice or smoothie, what way of consuming fruit is the best?

Eating several servings of fruits and vegetables a day is essential to maintain perfect health, since they provide us with an infinity of minerals and vitamins necessary for the correct functioning of the different organs. Many people ignore this recommendation and hardly consume fruit for laziness. To avoid this, we can opt for faster and in many cases attractive solutions such as shakes. At the time of consuming these foods we can do it by beating them or in juice, two processes that are different although the result is similar.

In many cases we do not know for sure differentiating which of the two smoothie preparation processes is the most recommended to maintain the properties of the fruit and the greatest number of nutrients, so we are going to see the benefits and drawbacks of each to find out which of the two to choose when consuming fruits and vegetables in a liquid way.

Different processes are followed to make smoothies and fruit juices. For the juice, what we usually do is extract the juice from the fruit, since we only ingest the liquids that they provide us, leaving aside the rest of their content. To make the shakes we usually use all the fruit that is produced in a blending process. The only thing that is usually removed is the peel that in many cases will end up bitter.

Juice or smoothie, what way of consuming fruit is the best?

Knowing the difference that exists between one way and another of getting fruits to liquefy, we are going to analyze the pros and cons of each of them:


When preparing a juice, what we do is extract the liquid from the fruits where the majority of minerals and vitamins are found, since they are mostly made up of water and liquids. To do this, we usually use juicers, so we only use part of the fruits. The rest, what remains we eliminate, with which we throw away another series of nutrients that fruits provide us and that can be very useful, such as fiber.

The juice has hardly any calories and is a light food that we can use at any time, since it is a healthy form of hydration. But the vitamin contribution with respect to the fruit decreases, since when transforming the state of the food when squeezing them many of these vitamins are lost and others remain in the rest of the food that we discard, which makes it a less rich food than the whole fruit.


To get a smoothie, what we do is blend the fruit or vegetables, so that the whole piece becomes liquid, making the most of its nutrients, since we do not discard anything. What this does is that we respect a greater number of vitamins and fiber, necessary to keep the body free of toxins and other substances that can end up damaging it in the long run. In spite of everything, many of these vitamins are lost when transforming the state of food, but not as many as when consuming them in the form of juice.

Consuming smoothies is a much less light solution than doing it in the form of juice, since it will end up satisfying us much more, because when consuming the whole fruit, it is as if we eat the piece directly, which happens that only changes the state. The amount of food is the same. One thing we must be clear about is that milk or other substances are usually added to smoothies to further liquefy it, which causes calories to be added to a food that is already low in this nutrient.

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